1 Year Down - X To Go

One year ago today, Bryan and I drove into Seattle via I-90. Him in the moving truck, me in the car with dogs in tow. I will never forget that feeling of seeing Seattle's skyline after I crossed the beautiful Lake Washington and crossed under the "Seattle - Portal to the Pacific" tunnel.

It felt... incredible. I suddenly forgot about how long I had been driving, how tired I was, the fact that there was still a moving truck to unload, and just felt completely content (a rare feeling for me). I felt like I had this new beginning (because in a way I did) and I was overflowing with excitement at the thought of getting to explore a whole new place. While I love Salt Lake City very much, I was ready for a change.

We drove into the Queen Anne neighborhood that would be our new home and I remember my excitement in being able to see the needle from the hill. Something about the Space Needle fills me with comfort. I guess it was kind of a symbol, a symbol of a city that I had always admired from afar. It felt official. I, being me, made sure to snap a photo from the hill while walking the dogs, as some guy scoffed at me and said "yep, it's still there" as he walked by. Jerk.

Once I was all settled in, I walked. Seriously, I walked a LOT. I was determined to explore every Seattle neighborhood on foot. Granted, at the time I didn't realize there are over 100 neighborhoods in Seattle, and to this day, I have yet to see them all, but I did get to know the city pretty well with this method. I would just throw on a podcast and head out aimlessly, soaking in the new scenery.

I fell in love pretty quickly, as anyone who follows me on social media can attest to. I even found some new motivation to do things that I've been avoiding for years, like going back to school. Now this can also probably be attributed towards growing up but I think changing my home also kicked my butt into gear and made me feel like doing more than binge watching Netflix shows in the evenings.

I still watch more T.V. than I probably should and finding motivation to do homework some days feels downright impossible but that's okay. I feel that I'm headed in the right direction. It's cheesy but they say taking that first step towards a dream is the hardest and it truly is in my case. But now that the first step has been taken, I know I will reach my dreams, even if it takes decades.

But I would be lying if I said moving to Seattle erased all of my problems. If you were a depressive and anxious person before a move, you'll probably remain those things afterwards. You're only changing the view, not your inner baggage. Truthfully, this last year has been simultaneously one of the best and worst years of my life. While I've experienced and seen so many delightful, new things, I've also felt some of the most intense loneliness I've ever felt.

Feeling lonely is not a new feeling for me, as I'm someone who tends to be on the outside, looking in. I've been told that I'm quiet (no shit) more times than I can count and I often opt to stay home alone where I don't feel societal pressure to fit in but moving to a new city only strengthened those feelings. I suddenly felt like I had no one (with the exception of my wonderful family) and have had more meltdowns than I care to admit.

I've also learned that I'm not really good at making friends. I mean, I guess I kind of, sorta knew this already. But I've always managed to make a few friendships here and there, usually with other quiet, quirky people whom I feel I can relate to. But here.... it just isn't happening, man. Yeah, I've met some really awesome people. I just haven't been able to fully connect to them. And you know what? It's a huge bummer. It makes me feel like something is inherently wrong with me or that I'm "broken."

But then I realized, that in itself is the problem. How the hell am I supposed to make friends when I'm beating myself up all the time for being "unfriendable?" Self-love comes first, right? So here I am, being all mature and stuff, realizing that I need to work on one very important relationship above all others - my relationship with myself. I want to truly believe that I'm awesome before I try to convince others that I am.

So this next year, I want to:

  • Truly, I mean, deeply love myself
  • Kill it at work and school
  • Get to know mountains in the PNW
  • Take up at least one water sport
  • Learn to move on

Thanks for listening, folks. <3


2015 Has Been Weird, Man.

Hi blog. It's been awhile, I know. 

What have I been up to? Well, mostly just trying to ignore negative thoughts and pay attention to the positive ones. Trying to be a better person, you know, all that jazz. 2015 is coming to a close and it's been a weird year. It's simultaneously been the best and hardest year of my life. So without further ado...

Reasons it's been one of the best years: 

  • Went out of my comfort zone in a big way and moved to Seattle with my little family. 
  • Was able to keep my current job and get a promotion shortly after the move. 
  • Got to meet some pretty talented, amazing people in Seattle. 
  • Made the big decision to go do the college thing that I never did after high school despite the fact that I'm 28. 
  • Realized what my true passion is and actually have a path in mind. It may take many years but I know I'll be doing something I love. Is marketing my passion? No. Is science my passion? Yes. Will I still do the very best I can do with my career now? Yes. 
  • On that note, decided that timelines are bullshit and it doesn't really matter where I'm at in life, as long as it works for me. 
  • Stopped working out as much and started walking. Sure, I still exercise from time to time when the mood strikes but I discovered how much more enjoyable it is to just walk and explore a city rather than running on a treadmill while staring at a wall. Exploring new neighborhoods in Seattle with some good tunes has been my absolute favorite. 
  • Started reading again. I guess I never 100% stopped reading but I let depression but a major dent in my reading last year. This year, I've picked it up again and love getting lost in a book. 
  • First Thanksgiving away from home was replaced with Friendsgiving. The company, food, and beverages were all top-notch and helped me get through the holiday with ease.
  • Was given the opportunity to go on two work trips and learn and grow as a person and employee. 
  • Did the yearly Cali road trip where I get to see some of my favorite people along the way. Despite getting stuck in a snowstorm at the Cali-Oregon border, it was truly a trip to remember. 
  • I just have to talk about my talented, beautiful mother for a moment. When I got back from my trip, I found a c.d. with a beautiful note. On the c.d. were 13 of her favorite Christmas songs that she had played and recorded on her electronic Yamaha keyboard. Layers and all. I've listened to it a dozen times in the past couple of days. She's amazing. 
  • I just have to say it... UM MOTHA EFFIN' STAR WARS.


Reasons it's been one of the hardest years: 

  • Moved to a new city and left everyone I know and everything behind.
  • Started working remotely which has it perks but can feel somewhat alienating at times. It takes extra effort to stay in the loop and on top of things. 
  • Struggled with some of the worst depression and anxiety I've ever felt. I already struggled with these things but going out of my comfort zone exacerbated the issues in a major way. The highs I felt this year were countered by some of the most intense lows I've ever felt. There were days where just getting out of bed and facing the world took a lot out of me. 
  • Felt lonely. Moving was kind of a wake up call to the fact that I've never been amazing at making new friends. It's not because I don't want to, I've just always been a bit shy and uncomfortable in my own skin. This is something I'm constantly working on. 
  • Was mean to myself. I've been so mean to myself. I'm sorry self, I'll be better. You deserve more than that. 
  • Caring too much about politics. There is a reason I usually ignore politics. It brings out the worst in me. 
  • First holiday away from home. It's a little tough. Christmas has always been about family for me and I don't have the vacation time to go out and see them this year. I have had a harder time getting into the holiday spirit but I'm truly trying. 

I'm realizing after making these lists that the bad things are all self-inflicted. That means I'm pretty damn lucky. I've been so incredibly fortunate. The only bully in my life has been myself. I get to wake up in a home surrounded by those who love me and I never worry about going hungry or not having enough. In 2016, I want to put myself out there and stop being embarrassed about who I am. I always just do me, but I often keep it to myself. And that... that's not going to help me grow. 

So thanks 2015, you've been fun. 


Expressing my opinion is not a terrorist action

I just watched "10 Things I Hate About You" because I've had an itch to for quite some time. Moving to Seattle only intensified that itch so I finally gave in and rented it on Amazon Prime.  Being able to watch it now and also actually know the landmarks was kind of exciting. That legendary paintball scene with Gasworks Park in the background? Amazing. And I never got over my crush on Heath Ledger. That smile though. 

I've come to the realization that I'm just a shit blogger. That's okay though. I don't need to adhere to any regular blogging schedule. Sometimes people just don't feel like writing about their life. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything blogworthy to talk about and that's totally fine. 

I've been walking. A lot. Most of the time I walk because it's a nice way to get some fresh air, some exercise, and city sights but sometimes it's just to distract myself. Lately I have a hard time just sitting with my thoughts. Who am I kidding, I've been that way as long as I can remember. If I'm not distracting myself with some form of entertainment I begin to feel down. I start to feel the weight of the world and I'll do whatever I can to take my mind off of it. 

That's not to say my life is hard. I'm just incredibly sensitive. Too sensitive. Negativity can consume me much too easily so I try to walk it off. I download podcasts and go for a walk to who knows where. I don't even know where I'm headed most of the time. All I know is that a walk, a podcast, a coffee and some water views make me feel alright again, if only for a short time. 

I'm trying really hard not to label myself these days. Rather than labeling myself, I'm just trying to be better. Some days I fail and I resort to just accepting the fact that I'm just that depressed girl who will always feel lonely no matter how many people she's surrounded by but we all have bad days. I know that those days happen but I also know that they happen less frequently as I grow. 

Moving to a new city is exciting but it can also make you feel incredibly lonely. But making friends has never come easy for this shy, somewhat socially awkward gal. But I do know that there are other shy, somewhat socially awkward peeps out there that are feeling the same things I'm feeling. Maybe they also just moved to Seattle and are not sure how to go about making pals in this strange new city. Whatever the case, I'm not alone. 

Some good news? I made the decision to go back to school. I'll be starting out at Seattle Central but hope to transfer to the University of Washington in the future. I'm going to be studying science. After much thought, I realized that I should be studying what I love and I need to stop wasting time feeling sorry for myself and not doing what I want because I'm scared of failure. So to school it is. But hey, you meet people at school so that's cool, right? 

I'm going to study space and shit. Well, not at first. I have a long road ahead of me before I can really delve into astrobiology (and get credits for it) but until then I just want to learn and soak up everything I can. Biology, chemistry, physics, all of it. I'll even suck it up and take the oh-so-dreaded math classes just so I can put my regrets behind me and do what I should have done years ago.

So that's really exciting. It should be fun. :)  




To Eric.

August 3rd is a rough day for me. 

I lost my brother on this day 5 years ago. 

I had a moment with some close friends yesterday because a friend lost his mother pretty recently to cancer. As we sat there with our beers reflecting on her life, I felt that we all connected at a deeper level and while we couldn't truly feel the pain he was experiencing, I felt that we understood what he was going through. Nothing hurts quite as badly as losing someone close to you. I thought of my brother as well and felt some of the deep sadness that creeps in from time to time when he crosses my thoughts but I never really gave any thought to the day on the calendar. 

Then today it hit me and I burst into tears. Yes, it may seem silly to dwell on a single day but it's always a not so gentle reminder that my quiet and strong brother is no longer here. I always feel like I need to dedicate this day to Eric so this post is for him. I don't truly believe he can read this but it gives me some comfort being able to remember him. 

Just a little bit about Eric... he was one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. If I was ever feeling upset or anxious about something, I knew that I could call on Eric and he would be there to simply just listen or give me one of his famous bear hugs. He was also insanely polite and had the firmest handshake around. He was extremely talented and everything just seemed to come naturally to him. Whether it was shooting hoops or playing video games, he always managed to excel and push others in the process. 

Some of my fondest memories are just chilling with my bro in his bedroom during the evenings. We would sit for hours on end playing guitar hero (Freebird on expert level is stupid) and just talk about life. I'd always pressure him to tell me about his latest crush and he endlessly refused to divulge and would turn the attention onto me. Basically, he was the best listener. The times where I've wanted to pick up my phone and give him a call are countless and while it gets easier, it always hurts knowing that he's not there to pick up. 

I spent the day with Eric just a couple of days before we lost him. The day before we hung out, he sent me a text and asked if I wanted to climb a mountain with him. I didn't even have to think about it, my answer was yes. He picked me up the next morning and we headed to Mt Olympus after packing our bags with enough snacks to feed us for weeks. If you've done this hike, you know it's no joke. You are essentially climbing stairs the entire way up. He was in much better shape than me and I struggled to keep up while fighting the urge to ask for constant breaks. I kept my eye on him and let him be my motivation as I took the mountain one step at a time. 

When we got the the top, we just sat there for a few minutes saying nothing as we soaked up the view. Nothing really needed to be said.  I then pulled out my camera and he immediately put his hand up (he hated having his photo taken and avoided it at all costs) but I managed to snap what became the last photos of my brother and I. 

Everything after that is too hard to talk about but I'm so happy I was able to have that last day with him. I still take my loved ones for granted at times but it's so important to cherish them and really appreciate those moments you have together. I love you and miss you more than words can describe little bro. <3

Ups and Downs

My brain is crazy, yo. It takes me on a roller coaster ride practically every week. This past week has been a bit challenging—I dealt with a bout of home sickness that came on pretty strong and I let some pretty yucky anxiety get the best of me but remedied it with a long walk and some boba tea. Each day is a new day and you move on, or at least that's what I tell myself. Progress, not perfection. 

Right now I'm grateful for a good boss. Truly, a great boss can make all the difference in the world. I'm lucky to have one that understands my situation, works with me so that I can succeed, and provides me with constant feedback. I've realized in the past that poor communication is one of my biggest fears. This is mostly because I have this constant desire to know how others think I'm doing and I worry about letting them down. This is my issue and something that I can only keep working on until it's a habit of the past. 

My only goal currently is to be kind to myself. If I really step back and observe myself I can see that I've been just such a jerk to myself. The way I beat myself up on the daily is not acceptable and I'm worn out from it. Anyone would be if they're taking a constant beating from their own brain. So, yeah. that self-hate needs to be replaced with self-love. I'm working on watering the positive thoughts and allowing those to grow and ignoring the negative so that they'll slowly wilt and die. 

Ohhh, I want to talk about the Ballard Locks (AKA the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks) because this is one of my new happy spots. Our friends, Mitch and Amy, took Bryan and I to Ballard Locks and I felt like a little kid in a candy store. There was was so much human ingenuity around every corner. Between the locks, the fish ladder, boats of all kinds, and little seal heads poking up out of the water, I was ecstatic. If you don't know what the locks are, I'll let Wiki describe it to you because I don't want to try and explain it. 

The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks is a complex of locks that sits at the west end of Salmon Bay, part of SeattleWashington'sLake Washington Ship Canal.[2] They are known locally as the Ballard Locks[3][4] after the neighborhood to the north. (Magnolia lies to the south.)

The locks and associated facilities serve three purposes:

Neat, right? 

Anyway, here are a few pics I snapped with my mediocre camera phone. Also, I really need to start utilizing landscape mode on my phone. Sowwy. 

Dear teenage self: Love your body

I'm going to take a break from gushing about Seattle for a moment and talk about my teenage self. Yes, my angst-ridden, irrational teenage self.

What spawned this? Well, I had the bright idea to log in to an old livejournal account--specifically an account I maintained a decade ago. I have my own issues now but damn, I can't even hold a candle to my 18 year old self. That Sarah, well... that Sarah struggled. 

As I'm browsing through old posts, one post really stood out in particular. I realized it was the post that probably documented my first weird, disordered body image issues. A little history... I was kind of a chubby 18 year old, not dangerously so, but I definitely had some extra weight on me. But until it was brought to my attention, I honestly did not care. I ate junk food and drank soda on a regular basis. I never worked out. I was your typical, lazy teenager and rarely thought about health or my body at all for that matter. 

Then it was brought to my attention that I was overweight. I won't go into specifics on how that transpired but something was planted deep down inside of me and to this day it still impacts me. Maybe I'm too sensitive (understatement of the century) but it really affected me in a pretty negative way. 

In the aforementioned journal entry, I talk about how I'm going to lose weight and vow to only eat 1200 calories a day and not a single calorie more. This is on top of joining a gym. So here you have 18 year old me, eating far too little and working out daily with few rest days. I did lose weight and quickly. I actually got to a point where I was technically considered "underweight" for a short time. 

A lot has happened between then and now. In order to document my journey through disordered eating and body image, I feel like I would need a dozen blog posts to adequately express what I've experienced. I don't really like to talk about it which may seem odd considering that I'm blogging now but maybe I'll delve into it more at another time. 

I will say that I'm in a much better place now. I don't really believe that you can completely shake certain things, but I do think you can learn to cope and deal with them. Even though I'm at a healthy weight now, I still struggle with negative body image and I'm working on it all the time. Because let's face it--I love food. I love baking, cooking, and consuming ALL THE FOOD. I'm just learning to not beat myself up for having a treat and to find balance. I am a constant work in progress. 

I just want to go back 10 years and tell my 18 year old self to NOT count calories, and to not work out obsessively because you went over by a few calories, because it's not worth it. I want to tell that girl that doing these things will only lead to heavier problems down the road and an out of control obsession with staying at the "ideal" weight. Sure, I can't get that decade of my life back but I can learn from it. 

What have I learned? Counting calories and diets all together are complete shit. Sure, maybe they work for some people and I can respect that but I choose to avoid it altogether. Sometimes I slip up and find myself reversing back to old habits but I'm getting better at telling my brain to knock it off. I've also learned to treat yo' self! I didn't just learn this from Parks and Rec... I really think everyone should treat themselves on the daily. This doesn't necessarily have to be cake, just whatever makes you happy. Basically I just try to eat foods that are good for me (but not all the time), be active, and live without worrying about a stupid number on the scale. I threw mine away years ago and have never missed it. 

That's my my stupid rant about body image and stuff. I may have been an impressionable 18 year old but that doesn't mean I can't learn from it. 

An Eventful Life

Oh boy.

I really need to blog on the regular so that I don't feel overwhelmed by all that has happened since the last time I posted. I'm not going to go into full detail about every little thing I've been up to for the past couple of weeks; I'm simply going to go over the highlights because frankly, I've got some work-work to do (on a Sunday night, wheee) and I should really be doing that instead but here goes. 

My life used to be so slow. Bryan and I are homebodies to the max and while we still are at heart, we certainly are up to a lot more these days. There's so much to do and see that sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down and remind myself that I have all the time in the world to do everything I want to do. I'm not on vacation, although it may feel like it a lot of the time. But really, I'm thrilled that I've been getting out and experiencing life because I think it's good for me. That doesn't mean I still haven't had time to watch a Friends episode (or two, or three) here and there. 

Let's start with the Fremont Solstice Parade that I had the pleasure of attending a couple weeks back with our friends. What really drew us to this event was the anticipation of viewing the Solstice Cyclists that lead the event each year. About 1500 nude cyclists head the parade in nothing but body paint. You don't really see such a thing in SLC so I had to witness this. After some great grub and beer, we planted ourselves conveniently at Fremont Coffee to watch the spectacle. 

I. loved. it. It was so freeing to watch these people celebrate life and their bodies in such a carefree manner. I don't know if I'd have the guts to do it (I'd have to work on some major issues first) but it was refreshing to see so many people celebrate the affair with zero body shame. I aspire to that level of comfort with my body. 

The following week was Pride and it couldn't come at a more perfect time with gay marriage being legalized federally just the Friday before. I'm so happy that this day has finally come. Love wins indeed. Also, the parade was fabulous. :)

My sister Miranda and her BF Wes came to visit just this past Monday-Wednesday. I was so stoked to have a piece of home come to me. I'll be the first to admit that I have gotten a little homesick here and there so I was more than happy to see some familiar faces. We tried to fit in as much as we possibly could in the short time they were here but I still feel like they only got a small taste of Seattle, but it's okay, they'll be back. We did some walking, some bar-hopping, and some delicious beer drinking. Good times. 

I love her hair so much. #legs4days

Who are these dorks? 

On top of all the fun, I got to celebrate the 4th of July last night with some pretty rad people. As I stood on our friend's rooftop with a beer in hand, while watching the fireworks coming from Gasworks Park, I truly felt that life couldn't be better.

Most of the 4th of July crew and Amy's festive (and incredibly tasty) cake. 

Making Friends Ain't Easy

I want to talk about some really cool shit like the Fremont Solstice Parade or the cool neighborhoods I've been exploring but really, right now, I just need to vent. 

I want to preface all of this by saying that I am one truly lucky gal. I know this. Every time I complain I hate myself a little for it. But a girl's gotta get the bad out of her system so that it doesn't bottle up, ya know? 

I'm feeling weird and overwhelmed. 

I found a doctor in Seattle and she's wonderful but she makes me largely aware of what a huge ball of stress I am. Mainly by telling me that I am a huge ball of stress. Maybe it's just because new places, new doctors, and new experiences freak me the fuck out. Or maybe she's right. Either way, I'm definitely feeling it.

I don't want to get into the nitty gritty details of why I'm stressed. Mostly I just want to talk about friendships. I suck at them. I'm about to get real deep here, watch out.

Let's just say that I've always felt like I have a hard time connecting to people on a deep level despite the fact that I myself, am extremely empathetic. I can remember being a little kid and watching other kids play at recess and feeling like I couldn't play with other kids without it feeling forced. Sure, part of it was the crippling shyness I've experiences most of my life but part of it was just feeling like I didn't fit in. 

I always wanted lots of friends and envied those people who just made friends and blended into groups practically effortlessly. I wasn't a complete loner. I've always had a small handful of friends but even then, I never felt like I truly let them in. The people I let the closest always seemed to fade away after awhile. 

My memories of school are not good. They mostly consist of regret, which is why I tend to not really think about it much. The second I had a car, I started avoiding school, which is extremely unfortunate but I always preferred ditching for alone time as opposed to going and feeling lonely whilst surrounded by people. That always seemed like a running theme for me and it still does. 

I don't blame anyone but myself for this. I've had so many opportunities to meet great people and be around potentially awesome friends but for whatever reason, I don't let it happen. Something deep inside me struggles with the concept of new connections and it's fucking infuriating. So much that I'm writing this stupid blog post that portrays angst similar to that of my teenage self. 

Maybe it's because I've been depressed most of my adult life? People don't like to be around depressed people. Fuck. I don't like to be around depressed people so I get it. You can put on a smile and pretend like everything is okay but I think people can see through that. But depression is something I'm working on and something that I'm constantly getting better at dealing with. I'm better at dealing with it now than I was a year ago and that's what matters most. 

Basically, I want to connect with people on a deeper level. I don't want to feel like I have some kind of weird personality flaw that doesn't allow me to make friends because I know I'm capable of it. I know that I could be a damn good friend if I would just let myself. I just need to not be scared of putting myself out there because god dammit, if someone doesn't accept me as I am, is that person really worth it? Nope. They're not. 

Here's to going out of my comfort level and at least trying... it's better than complaining about feeling lonely, right? 


Self-Doubt is a Cold Hard Bitch

Self doubt. I've struggled with it for as long as I can remember. I honestly think that the majority of my struggles in life can be linked back to it in some way or another. It weighs on you and it prevents you from reaching your full potential. It stifles potentially great relationships because of the inability to love one's self. It's a cancer.

I can't count how many times I've not done something because I was scared of failing. I can't tell you how many friends I've not made because I was scared that they wouldn't accept me for who I am. I have no idea how many times I've sabotaged myself right as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because deep down I feel like I don't deserve success. 

This may all sound negative but this post is actually a positive one. It's positive because I'm not content dealing with it anymore. I want to murder self doubt before it continues to consume me. I want to stop it in it's tracks because deep down, I know that I'm not the despicable person I think and I deserve to treat myself better. 

Why am I talking about this? I'm talking about it because I moved to a new city. Nothing to bring out your insecurities like being surrounded by unfamiliarity. I've been walking around various neighborhoods in Seattle, a lot. As I'm walking around I can't seem to shake the feeling that somehow I don't belong and that I have "TRANSPLANT" or "TOURIST" written on my forehead in big, bold caps. In reality, I know that nobody gives a shit. This city is laid-back as hell. Sure, there are some pretentious people but you will find those type of people in any city in the country. For the most part, as long as you go about your business and are kind, no one really cares. 

So why am I so scared? Why do I feel like it's impossible for my timid self to find a job in the big, new city? Why do I give myself absolutely no credit for what I have achieved thus far in my lifetime? Self doubt. That's why. 

If you are reading this and you can relate, let's make a vow to work on this together. Don't shoot yourself in the knee right as you are about to embark on something unfamiliar. Don't talk yourself out of something because you fear failure. If you do experience criticism, take it and use it to improve yourself rather than letting it swallow you whole. You're better than that. 

I mostly say all this to myself. So you had an interview and you fucked it up (or so you think), SO WHAT? There will always be opportunities. So you're not sure if working remotely is for you? Big deal. You're lucky to even have a job and it will get easier as time passes. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that not loving yourself is really doing a disservice to yourself and those around you. It's wack and it needs to go. 

I'm going to go get my head shaved now. Peace out suckas. 

I'm Never Leaving

I've officially lived in Seattle for over a week... I thought it time I finally blogged about it. I'm pretty sure that I have been beyond annoying with my cliche, touristy posts on Instagram, but I can't help it, I'm kind of in love. 

Getting here was tough but no one ever said that moving out of state is easy. Lots of sore muscles, lots of driving, little sleep. BUT, we got to see Glitch Mob on our last night in SLC and it. was. fucking. awesome. Seriously. Those guys put on a hell of a show. Go see them if you have the opportunity. When we got into Seattle, and had unpacked, we were treated to a tasty dinner by our good friend Josh at Umi Sake House. Our fellow, former SLC residents, Mitch and Amy joined us and it was an enjoyable (and tasty, the fish, omg the fish!) first dinner. I'm so glad to already know some cool peeps here. Moving to a new city is intimidating but good people help. 

We arrived during Seattle's sunny season so I have yet to see any rain. Every day has been between the 70's and 80's and absolutely gorgeous.  I'm told that in a couple of months, that will all change and it will drizzle just about daily for 9 months. That's cool though. I mean, I signed up for that, right? 

The first thing I notice in this new city—diversity. It exists and it's wonderful. Salt Lake City, while wonderful in it's own ways, lacked this. It's so nice to see such a variety of people and places. I don't see how anyone could live here and possibly be bored with the sights. 

Next, the scenery. Oh my god the scenery. I see why people move to the PNW. Green gorgeousness surrounding you. My apartment is just beneath ground level and is therefore surrounded by greenery. I've called it our own little green paradise because it certainly feels that way. Just a 15 minute drive away is Discovery Park which has some of the most beautiful running trails I've ever laid eyes on. I plan on going there often to run because the trails are shady and surrounded by these old, magnificent trees. The view of Puget Sound doesn't hurt either. ;)

Pike Place. Can we talk about this for a moment? I know it's on of the first things tourists do when they land in Seattle but it really is a happy place for me. I don't even care about the crowds you have to push through, or the lines you have to wait in to get the ever-so-worth-it Piroshky Piroshky. I like the fishy smelly and the sight of fresh flowers around every corner. I tried Ellenos Marionberry Pie Greek Yogurt and it was the tastiest yogurt I've ever put in my mouth hole. In fact, I've been craving yogurt ever since. I even like the artsy gum wall even though it's really, truly disgusting. Once you're done stuffing your face, you can walk across the street to get terrific ocean views. Basically, I love it and I'll find any excuse to go to that charming street market.

Getting back into the work grind this week was a little tough because all I want to do is explore, explore, explore. I've also never worked from home before and working remotely is a new and challenging experience for me. I look forward to just taking life as it comes at this point. Some parts will be rough and take getting used to but the positives of this new adventure outweigh the negative big time. I don't plan on letting up with the enthusiasm at any point soon either, so people will have to deal. I'm just genuinely excited for this new chapter in my life. 

Also, I need to take more pictures because the ones I have are pretty much pictures I took for Instagram. :) 

I just have a thing for really cool, old trees. 

I just have a thing for really cool, old trees. 

Discovery Park Loop Trail - a new favorite. 

Discovery Park Loop Trail - a new favorite. 

The view from Kerry Park.

The view from Kerry Park.

The Smoked Salmon Pate Piroshky. Aaamazing. Can't wait to try all the flavors. 

The Smoked Salmon Pate Piroshky. Aaamazing. Can't wait to try all the flavors. 

Being a silly tourist. 

Being a silly tourist.